We uphold the highest level of honesty in conducting business both internally and externally. We deliver what we commit.


We take pride in what we do and we constantly strive to upgrade our capabilities, competencies, and processes.


We know that we will only succeed as a team and if every member has full confidence in each other.

Passion for Winning

We take ownership and will stop at nothing to achieve better business results as well as to do things better than competition.

The Company

TRILANZ DISTRIBUTION, INC. aims to become an integral part of the Filipino dentists and dental practitioners’ daily practice where our brands’ key technologies supplement their skills thereby improving their experience and helping provide quality outcome from each procedure leading to higher patient satisfaction.

Who We Are

The Company represents an organization with a culture of INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, TRUST, and PASSION FOR WINNING.

This means a more engaged and happy organization with excellent capabilities and operational discipline across all functions. With agility and innovation, combined with superior technologies of the brands we represent, business results will be optimized while keeping our customers highly satisfied.

Our Mission

To distribute top quality dental products from leading brands that will help dentists improve the oral health of Filipino patients. To operate on sustainable growth and profit, creating career opportunities and financial rewards to our employees.


Our Vision

To be the most trusted and sought after supplier of top quality preventive and innovative dental products among Filipino dentists.