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SOFRELINER TOUGH® S(Soft)/M(Medium) is an addition-cured silicone chairside soft lining material for dentures. With SOFRELINER TOUGH® S(Soft)/M(Medium) you can expect the relined denture surface to remain soft, smooth with less-discoloration and less-odor, taste, or chemical irritations. It offers a high tear resistance, high stain resistance and outstanding adhesion to the denture base. With two types of softness (Shore-A hardness), SOFRELINER TOUGH® S(Soft)/M(Medium) strikes the optional balance for the clinician who requires a range of softness and durability. SOFRELINER TOUGH® S(Soft) is desinged to be used when softness and durabilityis the primary concern, SOFRELINER TOUGH® M(Medium) to be used when higher durability is the primary concern. The Silicone Remover (sold separately) is now available, which removes silicone denture liner from the acrylic denture easily.




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