Tokuyama Shield Force Plus

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TOKUYAMA® SHIELD FORCE PLUS is a one-component, single application, light-cured protective sealant designed for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin. TOKUYAMA® SHIELD FORCE PLUS effectively infiltrates and seals exposed dentinal tubules to inhibit the flow of fluid through the tubules which is the cause of sensitivity. At the same time the durable coat of cured TOKUYAMA® SHIELD FORCE PLUS helps prevents loss of dentin due to abrasion and/or erosion of exposed cervical dentin.

Available Package

  • Shieldforce Plus 3ml Kit
  • Shieldforce Plus 3ml Refill


  • Quick and effective treatment of hypersensitive dentin
  • Durable coating on exposed dentinal tubules
  • Superior sealing of prepared tooth
  • Simple procedure


  • Treatment of hypersensitive dentin
  • Reduction of abrasion and erosion of exposed cervical dentin
  • Alleviation and/or prevention of tooth sensitivity after tooth preparation for direct and indirect restorations.

Simple Procedure

Quick and Effective Treatment of Hypersensitive Dentin

Observation of resin tags in dentin treated with


Superior Sealing Effect

Durable Coating Effect

The coating layer of TOKUYAMA SHIELD FORCE PLUS remains over the dentin surface after the Thermal Cycle Test (10,000 cycles) while the layer of Seal & Protect®* has washed out and exposed dentin surface was observed. *Not a registered trademark of Tokuyama Dental Corp.


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